Our Safari Packages

A variety of safari packages are available from Delta Sea Adventures to suit a variety of interests, tastes, and financial constraints. We offer a package that will meet your demands, whether you’re seeking an exciting camping safari or a deluxe lodge experience.

For those who prefer a hassle-free safari trip, our Fully Serviced Safari package is ideal. Our knowledgeable guides and staff will take care of all of your requirements when you book this package, including airport transfers, lodging, and meals. The accommodations will be cozy lodges and campsites, and you may participate in a variety of excursions including boat cruises, mokoro excursions, and wildlife drives.

Our Participation Safari package is the ideal option for individuals looking for a more interactive and immersive experience. While still taking part in all the activities and animal encounters of a fully catered safari, you will help set up camp, prepare meals, and perform other camp chores.

Our Customized Safari package enables you to create your own schedule and pick the lodging and activities that best fit your needs if you have special interests or preferences. We can design a safari just for you whether you want to concentrate on cultural encounters, photography, or bird viewing.

The best option for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts is our Photographic Safari package. With this package, a seasoned wildlife photographer will travel with you and offer advice on how to get the best possible shots. You will get access to excellent wildlife viewing locations and the chance to see and photograph Botswana’s amazing animals up close.

We at Delta Sea Adventures are dedicated to providing ethical and sustainable tourist experiences that benefit both visitors and the surrounding area. Our safari packages are created to minimize our environmental effects while giving our visitors an amazing experience. With our safari packages, let us take you on a trip of a lifetime.

Fully Serviced Safari Packages

Customized Safari Packages

tree 3317903 960 720

4 Days Nxai Pans National Park

$1400 / PP | Min-4-Pax

desert 6944217 960 720

4 Days Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

$1400 / PP |Min-4-Pax

gemsbok 3141074 960 720

4 Days Central Kalahari Game Reserve

$1400 / PP |Min-4-Pax

Photographic Safari Packages

lion 449210 960 720

18 Days Lion Trail

$9000 / PP | Min-2-Pax

Photographic Safari

leopard 2798940 960 720

10 Leopard Trail

$5000 / PP |Min-2-Pax

Photographic Safari

lion 515028 960 720

21 Days Photographic Safari

$10500 / PP |Min-2-Pax

Photographic Safari

For a fantastic safari experience, choosing a Botswana safari vacation with Delta Sea Adventures is the best option. Because of our dedication to providing individualized service, knowledgeable guides, and a wide variety of safari activities, tourists may customize their schedules to suit their own interests and tastes. We offer a genuine and educational safari experience that is exceptional and unforgettable because of our in-depth knowledge of Botswana’s animals and sceneries. Travelers can rely on Delta Sea Adventures to offer them luxurious lodging, first-rate service, and a once-in-a-lifetime safari adventure they will never forget.

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